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UPVC windows and doors require very little maintenance but if you don’t take care of them then it will be a huge loss for you to replace them. We know how tiring it looks for you to maintain and clean the windows and doors. Don’t worry, leave it to us. 

Hello window offers the best maintenance services to our customers in Leeds. You no longer need to be worried about windows and doors maintenance, just give us a call and rest is our work.

Hello Window Distinguishing Maintenance Services

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Extended Life

UPVC windows and doors have 20-35 years of lifespan and they do not need much maintenance but when you do not take care of them completely they barely reach 10 years. When you keep maintaining UPVC windows and doors then you are giving a life extension to them and they will work properly for 35 years.

Better Ventilation

Ventilation is essential at home. But when your window locks are clogged or jammed you are unable to open the windows there will be a ventilation problem. But after availing our maintenance services you will never have ventilation problems for windows because we repair the locks in our maintenance.

windows repairs and maintenance
window and door maintenance

Safer Then Before

When professionals are maintaining your home’s UPVC windows and doors. They are making your home a safer place for you. Because in maintenance they also repair or replace locks if needed. Oil locks and keys for smooth closure. Our maintenance services will enhance your safety at home

Custom Built

In maintenance, you get custom built UPVC windows and doors. Because when professionals visit your place every month and make changes according to the condition. The windows get completely changed and become customized according to your choice.

windows repairs and maintenance

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Hello Window Distinguishing Maintenance Services

24% Off

24% Off

Hello window offers complete replacement services for double glazing window breaking or misting. We have been working to replace misted glazing glass windows and doors for years. We have a couple of years experience in glazing glass doors and windows replacement.

Customer Say

What Customer Says About Hello Window

    Hazel Dawson
    Hazel Dawson

    Managing Director

    I usually do not believe in maintaining UPVC windows and doors but when hello window professionals visit my place for repairing windows they recommend me to try their maintenance at least once. So one day I gave them a call and they cleaned my windows and repaired the required things. I will call them again!

      Rati Jhaveri
      Rati Jhaveri


      It’s been a year that my windows and doors maintenance responsibility is on the hello window and I'm amazed with their abilities and services. I always call them for every little window repair. I just love their services.

        Aditi Nayak
        Aditi Nayak


        My entire house’s windows were a mess and suddenly it was a call from my friend who was about to visit my place soon. I had no choice and called hello window to repair and maintain windows at my place. I was thrilled with their services and from now on they will maintain my windows.

        Fix It Yourself

        Fix It Yourself - Quick Tips & Tricks

        Cleaning UPVC windows and doors is the most straightforward process. You do not need to do much. Add a mixture of vinegar and soapy water in a spray bottle. Keep spraying on the window and wiping it off with a clean towel. It will barely take 5-10 minutes of your entire day.

        It depends on their use. But window locks can remain in their place for various years without any maintenance. But when you start caring and maintaining them then it will automatically enhance its life

        Yes you can, but this practice should be done once or twice a year and hurriedly dry them with dry cloth or towel.

        Yes, maintaining your UPVC windows and doors will enhance their lives and you can stay worry-free for 30 years about replacing these UPVC windows and doors.